back to school

Back to school clear out?

Make the most of the new term and new start by having a kid declutter.

Not actually getting rid of the kids!  (though that would be nice sometimes…) but a good clear out of all of their things.  You know, the figures you sweated mince pies out for in the run-up to Christmas that were played with..erm….all of three times!!

We’ve got our Morecambe car boot on Saturday at Pleasureland car park and we have our A6 car boot on Sunday in Carnforth.  AND…..(ssshhhh don’t tell anyone though) the weather is supposed to be nice.

Going to a car boot is also a great way of finding new toys, clothes, school items and stationery without paying full whack.  Because we know how much these things cost new.

We’ve got children’s goods specialists at our car boots so you’re sure to find some really useful items.  Or, they may even want to offload you of some of yours!

And, if you want to get the kids learning to count and understanding the value of money then take them too – they can buy something nice with what they make.