hidden treasure car boot sale

How to Spot a Hidden Treasure…

“One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure”

Welcome Folks! Do you enjoy searching car boot sales for that hidden treasure? If so, read this guide on how to find that perfect gem for a cheap price!

Step 1

First of all, be prepared to get up early! In order to get the best bargains you need to be at the boot sale for the time it opens. However, not to early that you annoy the sellers when they are trying to set up. As the saying goes ”The Early Bird Catches The Worm” so there might be a Van Gogh Painting and it could of been sold to someone 5 minutes before you arrived!

Step 2

Have a browse around all of the stalls before you buy! That hidden treasure that you have been searching for could be cheaper 2 stalls down.

Step 3

Now it is time to really search for them hidden treasures. Take your time to look at each item and try to figure out its value. Here is a couple of tips. If you pick up an old China plate and it says “MADE IN CHINA” underneath, unfortunately it is most likely not worth anything. Also, quite often booters have a few boxes underneath their stall so make sure to check through them (with the seller’s permission) as that is usually a good finding place for treasures.

Step 4

Quiz the seller! Ask how old it is and where it was made. This will help you determine the value of the item. If the seller was helpful then consider buying it, but only if the price is right. Be careful not to overestimate the value of your item as only 78% of the time sellers know the REAL value.
Step 5 

Sometimes the best place to find hidden gems is at the stalls who are not regulars. Find the booters who have just cleaned out their loft or garage because they may not be aware of the hidden treasures that can be found amongst their junk. Here’s a top tip! You can usually identify the ‘newbies’ as they will have things such as: TV remotes, old clothes, old toys, books etc. But amongst all that could be your HIDDEN TREASURE!

Step 6
Now once you have found an item you like, its time to work on the price! Always start your bid lower than you aim to pay as chances are the booter will try squeeze a little more out of you. Follow this dialogue for our guided instructions at haggling…
”Hi how much is that vase?”
”Oh thats a RARE Vase, its also an antique, I would say £40 should cover it.”
”Would you take £20”
” OH NO, I can’t let it go for any where less than £40.”
”All I have in my pocket is £30 and I will really like the vase.”
”£30 sounds good”
BINGO, you have your hidden treasure!! Now you can either go home and work out the potential value of the gem to sell again or you could just enjoy the treasure as it’s something you have been looking for for a while.
I hope this guide was helpful and don’t forgot to come down to our Big Boot Sale in Morecambe on Saturday and our A6 boot sale in Carnforth on Sunday. Your hidden gem could be waiting!