Pleasureland car boot gets soaked

Rain, rain go away! Pleasureland car boot drowned!

Well, the heavens opened for us all on the second week. Car boot problemo número uno!  The big boot doesn’t have many enemies but show it a drop of rain and grrrrrr, it’s enough to get the teeth tingling! We’re hoping that next week the sun will get his Saturday car boot hat on and make sure that the Pleasureland car boot space stays a rain free zone! Feel free to join us in a Friday night sun dance to give him a little encouragement! See you then booters! In the meantime, don’t forget to keep checking the weather and giving it a good nudge in our direction!


Oh, oh, and not forgetting you hardcore booters who made it to the pleasureland car boot car park for a free public shower. We salute you and hope you were looked after and will see you next week! x