car boots in lancashire thank you

Thanks for another great weekend of booting!

Thank you so much everyone – booters and buyers – for making another great weekend of car boots in Lancashire for us!

Our Saturday Morecambe Big Boot was a roaring success and it was another big one at the A6 in Carnforth too.

We don’t want to get all soppy here but we just love our little booting community, you guys make it so much fun and we have such a great time every week.

It was a bit of a rainy start to this season and we thought we’d never get there but, once we washed our wellies down and taken off those thermals the sun has come out to play for late Summer and we are certainly making the most of it!

We know that there are lots of car boots in Lancashire out there and we couldn’t be prouder or happier that you choose to pick ours.  We love seeing all the things you have to see each week – and the reasons that you have for doing your car boot.  There are some great stories out there.

And evidently we’re set for an Indian Summer now?  Well, we take all weather forecasts with a pinch of salt but we’re secretly hoping that they’ve got this one right.  See you at the next ones this weekend:

Big Boot Morecambe:  Saturday 26th Sept

A6 Carnforth: Sunday 27th Sept