As Autumn arrives…

As we have moved into Autumn now you will have probably noticed a drop in temperatures and the sun that we all love; not staying out as long. However, even though you may have to wear an extra jumper it doesn’t stop the bargainsĀ rolling inĀ at our weekend boot sales.

Every Saturday we have our Big Boot sale in Morecambe. It is known for success for both booters and buyers; who are picking up hidden gems and making a profit from old junk. You will find us right in the centre of town in the Pleasureland car park, you can’t miss us. We have space for hundrends of cars and with being right in the centre of town we have people passing through all day. At our big boot sale we are mobile scooter and wheelchair friendly, so you really have no excuse not to pop down and see what bargains you can pick up. Temperatures are set to be in their low teens, so don’t forget a jumper.

On Sundays we have our A6 boot sale in Carnforth. It is one of the most popular in the county with a great big field that can fit up to 200 traders and has parking for buyers. So, you are guaranteed to find some big bargains here. We have toilets, a cafe serving yum yum grub and even an inflatable slide for the kids. It really is a day for all the family. Temperatures are set to be in the middle teens so don’t worry; you won’t get bit by Jack Frost when searching for bargains.

bacon sizzling to keep you warm at our car boot

All you booters can find out prices and times for our Big Boot and A6 boot sales by following the links and we will look forward to seeing you this weekend. Maybe, you will pick up a garden rack which will be perfect for the Autumn season!