Best Buys at a Car Boot Sales

Many car boot sales have hidden gem best buys! Giving the fact that our Big Boot and A6 car boot sales are some of the largest in the county you are bound to end the day with some bargain treasures. We have made a list of the top buys to be had at a car boot sale.

  1. Computer Games – At the boot sale you may find old classics that you can not get hold of anywhere else for cheap cheap prices. Often booters bring old games and consoles as they think they are not worth a lot but what’s one man’s trash could be another man’s treasure. You may even find something limited edition!
  2. Clothes – Clothes are a big bargain at car boots sales. Often booters will bag up a set amount of clothes and sell it for approx £10 onwards. You can find children’s and adults clothes at bargain prices. But, make sure you check through the clothes to be sure that they are all in wearable condition before you buy. You may also find some designer gems and even unworn items among the racks, so be sure to give every stall a good search.
  3. Lego – Most booters know the value of lego but sometimes you find a house clearance booter selling bags full at bargain prices. Lego is loved by children at all ages and will never go out of fashion, so it a great buy. Also, with a little negotiation you may be able to get the price down even further!
  4. Make up and Cosmetics – Keep an eye out for the decent stuff like MAC, Benefit, Lush, Estee Lauder. You can get treasures that the booters didn’t like or didn’t need but may be perfect for you. Just a tip; make sure to check that what you are buying isn’t fake (especially MAC) as you don’t want to get ripped off. And always look out for RRP sticker!

There are also other great buys at car boot sales that are known to be popular; wallpaper, china sets, garden furniture, books and much more. Another top tip is to search all the stalls thoroughly and don’t be afraid to haggle!

With temperatures set to be in the late teens this weekend it could be the perfect opportunity to bring all the family down to find them buzzing bargain buys. We have our Big Boot sale in Morecambe on Saturday and our A6 boot sale in Carnforth on Sunday. Both boot sales have a cafe serving yum yum grub and have fun entertainment for the kids and loos on-site. Morecambe is also mobility-scooter and wheelchair friendly.  So there is no excuse to not bring all the family down this weekend for fun fun fun!