Car boots in winter

So, the dark nights are drawing in and the weather’s taking a turn for the worse.  But you’re a booter and you still want to turn a profit at car boots in winter!

So, what do you do?

Well, for a start you can come to The Big Boot car boot.  We can’t do anything about the weather and we’re not gonna lie, sometimes it’s gonna be a bit inclement, but, what we can offer is the following:

  • hard-standing ground
  • busy town-centre location and car park
  • other attractions and food outlets nearby

All of this, meaning that you get all-year footflow and one of the busiest car boots in winter in Morecambe!

Here are another few tips that we hope will keep you warm, dry and a happy booter over the winter months.

– Stay Warm!  Sounds stupid but don’t forget to pack plenty of warm layers.  You could even model some of your own stock if you’re selling clothes! Gloves with mitts combined are handy if you need to get in and out of your pocket for change but want to stay warm in-between.  Thermals and long-johns may not be the best look in the bedroom (wooer!) but, by gum, they can keep you toasty!

– Keep it seasonal!  Think about what people may be after at particular times of the year.  Do you have anything that would do well for Halloween, Guy Fawkes’ Night or as Christmas presents?  Are you selling nice warm jackets, cozy flasks and DVDs to tuck up in bed with?  Not much point bringing your bikinis and sunglasses if everyone’s in long trousers 😉

– Stay hydrated and well-fed!  Bring a packed lunch, maybe a flask of soup or a warm drink.  We’ve got hot and cold food vendors here so, if you forget, you can always grab something here.

– think about a gazebo.  You can pick these up pretty cheaply like this one from Argos.  They make it more inviting for people to stand under and you could even decorate them with fairy lights!

– Bring the dog.  They’re great for cuddles and have lots of fur to snuggle up to 😉

Car boots in winter don’t have to be a droll -they can be quite fun!  Especially as Christmas draws nearer, people are always looking for good deals for presents and it can be nice to get festive while you’re selling.

Whatever the weather, we’ll be there and waiting for you every week with a warm smile and a high vis 😉