Our Morecambe car boots in February

Yippee!!!  There is finally a hat on Mr. Sun for some Morecambe car boots in February!

It may be cold, but that is easily solved with a few layers and a nice warm flask of something.

Get yourself an early spring clean and get rid of all of that surplus stock that has been jamming up the spare bedroom for too long!  If there’s a Christmas present that still hasn’t been used by now, chances are it won’t lol, so why not make some extra cash out of it?  One person’s junk is another’s treasure and you might just meet your buyer/seller match made in heaven at one of our Morecambe car boots in February 😉

And, if you’re not looking to sell but maybe are looking for that special bargain, then our Big Boot is the perfect place to do it.  You just never know what you might find there.

These are all of the dates for our Morecambe car boots in February – we really hope to see you there!

Saturday 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th February.


(And you never know who you might meet on the 14th!!!)