morecambe sunday market

Our Morecambe car boots in January 2015

Well, now that the tinsel is packed away you probably have a pile of unwanted presents that you can see gathering dust until next Christmas.  Rather than letting them waste away, why not make a bit of extra cash this month by bringing them to one of our Morecambe car boots in January?

We’re on every Saturday come rain, wind or shine and you we’re the only car boot that is in the town centre, meaning that you always get a passing trade walking through our car park.  These are the details of our seller information if you haven’t joined us before.  And if you’ve never done a car boot before, then don’t worry, we’ve got friendly staff to help you on your way and there’s a funny little guide to how to do your first car boot and who you can spot while you’re there!  Goodness knows, Morecambe car boots in January can sometimes be a bit of a cold, breezy affair, so we try to keep the atmosphere as warm and friendly as possible 😉

Just for fun, we’ve listed some of those items below that are often in the unwanted Christmas present pile and in the car boot in January ha ha!!

  • Pyjamas (how many pairs does one person need!)
  • Boxes of biscuits (why do people buy us so much chocolate when we are always on a diet in January?)
  • DVDs and CDs (you just didn’t have the heart to tell Gran that you’ve already watched in On Demand like a million times)
  • Smellies (that you would never smell in a million years)
  • Too Big/Too Small/Too Bright/Too Old/Too Young…(fill in the blank!) Clothes
  • The Weird and the Wonderful (that looked so good in the gifts section at the time but really, when are you going to have time to build that miniature replica of Justin Bieber’s face out of matchsticks?)


Dates for our Morecambe Car Boots in January

Saturday 10th, 17th, 24th and 31st January.

See you there booters, and wrap up warm xx