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morecambe car boots in october

Please see below our list of Big Boot Morecambe car boots in October

Saturday 4th October

Saturday 11th October

Saturday 18th October

Saturday 25th October

All days are 9am – 2pm for the public and 7.30am set-up for sellers.

Don’t forget that there are hot and cold food vendors. We also benefit from a city centre location, meaning that sellers get foot flow throughout the day, regardless of the weather – so it’s definitely one worth trying during those winter months.

Car boots are an ideal place to find a festive bargain or those back-to-school necessities that can sharp rack up the budget – especially if there are lots of little ones to cater for.  You never know, you might just find one of the top-selling toys for 2014 there!

All sellers get free parking all day – so if you’re thinking of coming into town to spend your money anyway – why not make some too!

If you need any info on any of these boots and you can’t find it online, just call 01524 424 212.  Don’t forget, we don’t just have Morecambe car boots in October, we’ve got them all year round!

See you then 😉