first car boot sale

Tips for all you first time booters…

Need to raise some cash or get rid of old junk? Then a car boot sale could be the perfect place for you this weekend! You may not have done a boot sale before and are wondering some top tips, so we have put together a list of dos for all your first time booters.

1. Put price stickers on your goods the day/night before the sale as this will save you a lot of time and hassle on the day.

2. Pack items in small cardboard boxes – this will make it easy for you to move stuff in and out of the car.

3. Don’t forget a table! Any table should do, must booters use a pasting table.

4. Arrive early! Arriving early will secure you a good pitch – preferably one in between the toilets and the cafe (what more could you need)!

5. Make sure to lock your car! This will ensure the safety of your possessions and also it will stop people swarming all over your car picking up items before you have had chance to put them out on your table.

6. Don’t give in to hagglers unless you feel the price is right. Buyers come early to make offers and unless you are happy with the price, don’t take them. They can always try again later.

7. Take lots of change. You will need lots of change throughout the day so make sure to come prepared with a float. Also, once you have a few notes, lock them in your car for safe keeping.

8. Come prepared! Take a chair, wet wipes, carrier bags for buyers, sandwiches and a drink. You never know what you will need.

9. Best of all, share the stall with a family member or friend, halves the cost and ensures you a toilet break!

We hope these top tips have helped all you first time booters, and maybe even given you regulars a few tips for a successful day. We are set for some sun this weekend so be sure to check out our Big Boot sale in Morecambe on Saturday and our A6 boot sale in Carnforth on Sunday. And don’t forget to bring all the family!