Why are car boot sales so popular?

For years and years the country has been packing their cars with all their house clutter, tying a wallpaper pasting table to the roof of the car and driving to a massive field at the crack of dawn. When they get there they are welcomed by hundreds of bargain hunters waiting like locusts for the tables to be set up. This may sound awful but we love it, but why do we love car boots so much?

The simple answer is we all love a bargain! Whether it is the last part of a china set you have been looking for or a big bag full of bargain clothes or children’s toys, there is something for all the family!

Buyers love rolling out of bed on a Saturday or Sunday morning, throwing on whatever clothes they can find and dragging the whole family down to the car boot. They then search continuously throw aisles of junk to find that hidden gem. And they often do!

The day is made even better when the lovely British sun is up to 20°C and they can sit outside the cafe enjoy a bacon sarny watching the kids play on the inflatable slide.

This is a typical day for buyers at out Big Boot and A6 boot sales, it’s a place for all the family that allows you to go home with a car full of bargains. We are set for clear skies all weekend so if you fancy picking up a bargain this weekend we have our Big Boot sale in Morecambe on Saturday and our A6 boot sale on Sunday.

And don’t forget to bring all the family!