For fun

So, you’re at the car boot and you’ve got a
bit of a lull or time to browse around.

Why not try and spot some of the more popular car boot characters you’ll
see knocking around that we’ve described below or read some of our top tips for
first time booting if you’re new to the game!

Tim Trader

Tim is a seasoned booter. He’s got his stall set-up down to the military precision
of the Black Ops and will be sat having a cup of tea out of his well-warmed
flask before you have even got your table set up. He knows the tyre kickers and
who the best buyer targets are, and can change from grumpy git to charming
ladykiller in an instant depending on whether he’s going to make a sale.
He has a full wardrobe change to rival J-Lo depending on the weather and takes
great delight in watching those with less suitable attire melting or drowning.

First-time Fiona

Poor Fiona. Her clothes are flying off the rail (with the wind, not buyers!), the trestle table is straining under the weight of her stock and she still has most of it in the car. The first three sellers she’s had she hasn’t sold a thing to because she forgot to bring any change and her friend is still off getting some.

It’s a lot colder than she thought and she can barely keep smiling through the chattering of her teeth. Don’t worry Fiona, we all start off like this and you’ll be a
seasoned booter in no time!

Not-selling Nora

Nora has always believed in quality goods. Her stock “isn’t the usual rubbish you find at car boots.” (Nora’s words, not ours ;-)) It has been washed, pressed, polished and preened to within an inch of its life – and she’s not selling any of it for nothing!!! Nora will usually be the person packing everything back up at the end of the day because, “People just expected things too cheaply!”

Irrelevant Ivor

Everyone likes a bargain we know Ivor. But they’re not going to go home with an old 3-pin plug and a charger for a Betamax! Ivor hasn’t really got anything of value to sell but, hey ho, you never know is his philosophy and what’s he got to lose!

Ivor will not be engaging with anyone coming to the stall – if it goes it goes.

He is quite happy sat on his camping seat watching the world go by. If anything, it is a day out. You often see a lot of people walking down his table smiling awkwardly to him while they try to show an interest in something. It’s ok, Ivor doesn’t mind, and you never know, someone might need that 1982 guide to fixing a Ford Escort….

Weighed-down Walter

Woah! Walter has never been to a car boot before.

His wife dragged him along today but, by jove, he’s made the most of it!

There’s not a stall gone by where Walter hasn’t made a purchase, and now he is weighed down with various electrical items, sporting goods and toys from his youth.

He is loving it!! His wife can often be seen in the background, grimacing, at all of
the stuff that Walter is bringing back into the house!